Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Best Elements in Ninja Saga Ninja Game

When I started playing Ninja Saga ninja game, I knew that choosing what element to use is one of the most important things to consider. Your character's elements will be a significant factor that will help you win in any ninja battle so as in accomplishing any ninja mission. I am a fan of Sasuke (a character in the Naruto TV series), and I used the elements that he uses: Lightning and Fire. Being a Fire user is very advantageous when playing this game, for it is the most powerful element in terms of critical attacks. Next to Fire, it is Lightning to whose attacks are also powerful; however, it uses a lot of CP. I think the best elements to be used in partner with Fire would be either Earth or Water. With Earth, you will have higher HP and more invulnerability with attacks coming from the enemy, making you stay in battle longer. This element is good in combination with Fire. Not only that you will have a higher attack and damaging capacity, you will also have a higher HP. Another good element would be Water, for it increases CP recovery, plus it has a lot of techniques to be used in order to recover your HP. Water, for me is best used with either Fire or Lightning ninja skills. For me, Earth, Water and Fire are the best elements to use in Ninja Saga ninja game.

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